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Dogs & Co Ltd

When it comes to pet health, we understand that Mother Nature knows best. That’s why at Dogs & Co Ltd, we create natural, high quality, herbal remedies.

We’ve worked hard to create a range of niche products which stand out from the crowd. Our remedies address specific healthcare, cosmetic and environmental pet owner concerns. What’s more, our range is constantly growing as our team of innovative herbalists learn more about you and your customers.

As a Great British Family Business we offer excellent support to our trade partners including creative point of sale material and attractive margins. Become a stockist today.  

Herbal lawn burn prevention remedy

keeps lawns green and dogs’ kidneys healthy

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Green Peez is a herbal remedy designed to prevent ugly lawn burn marks caused by dogs urinating on the grass.

When added daily to a dog food, owners report greener grass within weeks, depending on the time of year.

Containing a blend of herbs including tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, goldenrod, dandelion and yucca, Green Peez ingredients are 100% natural and completely safe.

Unlike some other products available, Green Peez does not alter the PH balance of dog urine, nor will it have any other nasty side effects.

Available in two sizes 100ml and 30ml.  A 100ml bottle will last the average dog more than 200 days. A 30ml bottle will last a medium sized dog approx. 2 months.

RRP 100ml £19.99 RRP 30ml £9.99                              Top

Green Peez, herbal lawn prevention Clearz Tearz, herbal tear stain prevention

Clearz Tearz, herbal tear stain prevention

Herbal tear stain prevention remedy

Keeps eyes tear stain free, bright and shiny naturally

Herbal Flea Prevention Remedy

Say farewell to fleas and ticks

Farewell Fleaz, herbal flea prevention Farewell Fleaz, herbal flea prevention

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Remedies that keep us healthy and are all natural

Clearz Tearz is a 100% natural herbal solution to prevent red/brown marks often seen under the eyes of white coated breeds of dogs. It is one of the few antibiotic free tear stain prevention products available and the only one to be made in the UK.

Containing herbs including alfalfa, aloe vera, kelp, nettle, parsley, myrrh and garlic. Clearz Tearz is added to dog food on a daily basis. A reduction in staining is normally seen within a couple of weeks and full results will be visible once all the stained fur has grown out.

Available in a 50ml bottle, one bottle will last a small dog more than 6 months.

RRP £14.99                                                        Top

Farewell Fleaz is a super strength herbal formula designed to repel fleas, ticks and other biting insects from dogs and cats.

Farewell Fleaz is added to pet food on a daily basis. Results can be seen within days. Allow up to six weeks to see full results.

Does not contain any chemical insecticides and is safe for all ages.

Ideal for dogs/cats or owners who are allergic to chemical sprays.

Available in a 100ml and 50ml bottle.

RRP 100ml £19.99 RRP 50ml £12.99                  Top

    Simply add to one meal daily

Competitive margins and bulk order discounts. No minimum order.

Access to free, creative, stand-out point of sale material and leaflets. Just ask when placing your order.

Excellent support and advice available Monday - Friday 0900-1700.

Our products are based on over 25 years of practical experience working with dogs and cats.

Contact Dogs & Co Ltd

Whistlers Cottage, The Ridge, Woldingham, Surrey, CR3 7AN

Telephone: 0845 127 9903

We are open from 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, contact us by email.

Registered in England and Wales No 8353697

VAT Registration Number GB 155 1689 92




Green Peez, herbal lawn burn prevention